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According to rental law (vuokravälityslaki) set in 1.3.2001 the commission is paid by the party who has made commission agreement with the broker. The agreement can be made either by the landlord or tenant.

Apartment search

Vuokralukaali has a comprehensive amount of different types of apartments, also furnished, for which the landlord has made a commission agreement and therefore are paying the commission fee (exception: employee housing). These apartments are presented in our shopwindow, - magazine and in our website, where you will find more detailed information and pictures of the apartments. When you find an interesting object, please contact our office. You will get further information and get to see the apartment.

If nonetheless you can't find any suitable apartment from our current offerings, you can register yourself as an apartment seeker. By making a commission agreement you will save the trouble and effort of searching the apartment, we will do it for you. You can make the commission agreement either in our office, or through a form found in our website, which you can send via post, fax or e-mail after you have printed and signed the form. The agreement is valid for 4 months, and during this time we will search an apartment that matches for your expectations. The commission fee is to be paid after the apartment is found and the rental contract is signed.

Make the commission agreement

Commission fee:

Money worth of 1 month's rent, including VAT 24%, minimum fee 250€

Security deposit:

The landlord reguires almost without exceptions a security deposit from the tenant. After the rental contract has ended the security deposit will be returned back to the tenant, given that all the rents have been paid in time and the apartment is in agreed condition. The security deposit is money worth of 2 months rent as a pledged deposit, if not otherwise agreed.

When tenant makes the commission agreement, our service covers:

  • searching of the apartment via internet and newpaper ads
  • inspection of the apartment, price/quality comparison
  • finding out the basic information of the apartment
  • making a condition inspection of the apartment
  • informing about applicable objects via phone, e-mail or fax
  • arranging a personal house viewing
  • security deposit consultion if needed. For example Joustoluotto, Nordea,
  • executing of the rental contract
  • retaining the security deposit during the tenancy
  • transference of the keys
  • guiding and consulation of housing benefit, income support and military benefit applications
  • residency and legal counselling of rental apartment issues throughout the whole tenancy

In addition we organize renovation, refurbishment, cleaning, moving and furnishing services through our partner companies.

More information about apartment rentals from the website of Ympäristöhallinto (environment administration)
Check also the tenant's memo.


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