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Porin Vuokralukaali Oy, LKV

Vuokra-asuntopalvelu Lukaali Ky, more known as Vuokralukaali, opened their office in Pori 2002. The owners and founders of Vuokralukaali, Riitta Koivisto and Marja Sillanpää, are "veterans" of rental business.

Vuokralukaali is established with the contributions of the two founders, Marja and Riitta. Nowadays the company employs 7 fulltime employees and few part-time employees in addition to the two owners. Also trainees are welcome when they are available.

Sami Sillanpää started his career in Vuokralukaali in spring 2003. Sami has a solid entrepreneurship background, which means that Sami knows that you have to strike while the iron is hot. Sami is the top salesman of Vuokralukaali! He's responsibilies are evaluating and acquiring of new residences, renting premises and job related apartments for domestic companies.

Mirva Harju landed to Vuokralukaali after her practical training program in 2009. She is working with Ilkka Repo among the house viewings.

Juha Virén started as part-time worker and became full timer in early 2010.

Riitta is also responsible for all tasks that needs legal expertise, such as evictions and judicial writs. Marja is in charge of the internal bookkeeping of the company. All the employees of Vuokralukaali are also working in normal customer service and everyone has gained also their regular customers.


As a specialized apartment rental company we:

  •     want to serve the landlords, tenants and applicants effectively and with our full potential
  •     provide professional service with over 20 years experience in rental business
  •     assist in deposit/quarantee arrangements
  •     give guidance during the whole tenancy for both, the landlord and tenant
  •     give guidance and advices considering housing benefit, income support and military benefit applications.
  •     will help organise renovation, cleaning, furnishing and moving services through our partner companies if needed.
  •     are constantly finding ways to further develop our rental services

Porin Vuokralukaali Oy

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28100 PORI

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