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Mover's memo


  • When you arrive to the house, inform the house manager (”Isännöitsijä” in Finnish,  phone number can be found from your buildings infoboard) about your arrival within three days time.
  • You can also ask about the sauna sifts and other issues about the building.


  • Make an electricity contract for your apartment. The phone number for energy company Oomi is +358925221100.


  • If you need to take care of the house’s waste management, do a waste management contract with the local waste management company Veikko Lehti Oy phone number: 02-6316100


  • The apartment is handed over fully cleaned when the tenancy ends. To avoid any misunderstandings its best to agree about the exact moving schedules with the current or with the coming inhabitant.


  • You will receive the keys when the deposit payment is made and confirmed, and the key receiving confirmation is signed.
  • When you move out return the keys to Vuokralukaali’s office.


  • When you decide to move out, please come to our office and do a written termination announcement.
  • Please consider the terms of termination.

You can ask for more information about any issue considering your moving from our office.


  • Is the content inside your apartment insured?
  • Housing co-operative compensates only for the damages of the property – not the personal property in the apartment, garage, attic, basement etc.
  • In most cases the accident is fully caused by a third party or random event: e.g. Burglary, Water damage in the apartment next door, fire or broken window (stone or new years eve’s fireworks)
  • If you need to move temporarily from your apartment because of for example water damage that is spread from the neighbour apartment, only your own home insurance can compensate the possible moving and residential costs caused by the temperate move.
  • The yearly expenses of Home insurance are in most cases approximately 100€ depending on the size and equipment of the apartment – Only the residential costs of living somewhere temporarily will cost hundreds of euros!
  • Always when you are moving make sure that you check your home insurance. Also inform the new address to your insurance company.


  • Dish and laundry washing machines should not ever be left on without surveillance. (In 5 minutes of time there might come hundreds of litres of water from a broken water hose.)
  • Water taps must be always closed, when the dish/laundry washer is not on (the little switch in the bottom of the tap)
  • Washing machines will be placed in a place where is floor drain or there has to be plastic cover installed below the machine
  • Exhaust water hose needs to be attached firmly to the sewer pipes – It can not be left hanging in the sink or toilet seat
  • Water / sewer attachments and hoses needs to be checked regularly
  • Only professionals can do the installation!


  • When the tenant moves out, an inspection is performed in the residence
  • Apartment must be as empty as possible when the inspection takes place
  • Tenant needs to agree with the lessor about the time and date when the inspection takes place, and if the lessor can not perform the inspection then the agreement is made between tenant and Vuokralukaali
  • When moving out the tenant needs to take care of cleaning the apartment!
    • Floors, doors, bathroom, wc, floor drains, stove (also the bottom hatch), hood, refrigerator, freezer and of course other common spaces.
    • If the apartment is not cleaned, cleaning is performed by an private cleaning company and the tenant needs to pay the expenses
  • All the equipment that belongs in the apartment needs to stay in the apartment!
    • For example: antenna feeder, window opener, curtain slides, user manuals for all the machines etc.
    • Missing/lost equipment will be charged from the tenant
  • Keys must not be left in the apartment, nor given straight to the new tenant, but all the keys should be delivered to Vuokralukaali’s office.



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