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According to rental law (vuokravälityslaki) set in 1.3.2001 the commission is paid by the party who has made a commission agreement with the broker. The agreement can be made either by the landlord or tenant.

Searching for tenant?

You can enquire for tenants who have made a commission agreement with us. Tenants who have made the commission agreement are also paying the commission fee, which means that landlord can make the lease free of charge.

You can also speed up the tenant searching process by making the commission agreement with us. You will get reliable and long-term tenants fast. The agency/commission fee for apartment rentals equals to one months rent, including VAT 24%. For premises the fee equals one months rent + VAT 24%. For contracts fixed for 3 years or more the fee is 2 months rent + VAT 24%. Minimum fee is 310€. Commission fee can be deducted in taxation.

Do you want to rent your apartment or get more information about renting? Leave a contact request.

When landlord makes the commission agreement, our service covers:

  • rent evaluation
  • acquiring all the needed information about the rental object
  • making a brochure of the rental object
  • condition inspection and photographing of the rental object
  • marketing in newspaper, internet and in our office.
  • arranging and doing house viewings
  • finding tenant candidates
  • checking the credit reference and background information of the tenant candidates
  • preparing the rental contract
  • security deposit negotiations e.g. Joustoluotto, Nordea;
  • administering of the security deposit according to what is agreed
  • transference of the keys
  • taking care of the aftermath
  • rent alignments
  • residency counselling
  • in addition we instruct and guide in rental matters that requires legal knowledge throughout the whole tenancy.

Other services

  • Managing apartment rentals with letter of attorney
  • monitoring of rent payments
  • We organize renovation, refurbishment, cleaning, moving and furnishing services through our partner companies
  • Ask for more information from our office

Additional information about apartment rentals from the website of Ympäristöhallinto (environment administration)

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