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The agency/commission fee for apartment rentals equals to one months rent + VAT 24%. For premises and employee housing the fee also equals to one months rent + VAT 24%. For contracts fixed for 3 years or more the fee is 2 months rent + VAT 24%. Minimum fee is 310€. The commission fee is paid by the assignment giver=client. The client can be either the landlord or tenant. The lessors can deduct the commission fee from the taxation when acting as client.

The security deposit is money worth of 2 months rent as a pledged deposit.

Credit references will be checked.

Additional services (prices incl. VAT 24 %)

  • Written rent evaluation  500 – 1000 €
  • Making of lease contract including just checking of the credit references and handling of the security deposit. The brokerage has no other responsibility to neither of the parties. Payment is paid by the assignment giver.
    • Residential apartment 250 €
    • Business premises 500 €
  •  A writ of summons and eviction 250 €  inc. notice of termination and making of the writ of summons and distraint. (does not include possible advocacy costs, or costs caused by opposings)

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