Porin Vuokralukaali Oy (Vuokralukaali) has a diverse selection of rental accommodation possibilities from Pori or nearby regions. Vuokralukaali has rental apartments, houses and also premises for companies.

In addition, Vuokralukaali has a lot of furnished apartments and apartments that are rented for companies (employee housing). Most of the rental objects are located in Satakunta region, mostly nearby Pori or Rauma. Please find all our currently available rental objects from the links below:


Employee housing / furnished apartments

Premises (only available in Finnish)

11:00 Neitsytpolku 4 as (1h 32.0m2)
13:00 Varvinkatu 15 A (1h 24.0m2)
13:30 Siltapuistokatu 5 A (1h 31.0m2)
13:30 Siltapuistokatu 5 A (1h 43.0m2)
14:00 Harjunpäänkatu 1 H (1h 22.0m2)
14:00 Kiertokatu 11 C (2h 52.0m2)
14:30 Koivistonpuistikko 45 C (1h 31.0m2)
15:00 Eteläpuisto 17 B (2h 43.0m2)
15:00 Eteläkauppatori 2 B (2h 36.5m2)
15:00 Antinkatu 21 B as (1h 35.0m2)
15:00 Itsenäisyydenkatu 47 B (1h 33.0m2)
15:20 Eteläpuisto 11 B (1h 28.0m2)
16:00 Kalevanpuisto 5 as (1h 25.0m2)
16:00 Päärnäistenkatu 16 as (1h 30.0m2)
17:00 Hallituskatu 18 a D (1h 33.5m2)
17:15 Eteläpuisto 16 B (3h 66.0m2)
17:15 Toejoenpuistikko 35 (4h 120.0m2)
17:45 Tampereentie 88 as (3h 95.0m2)

Note! This list covers only today's and tomorrow's house viewings. Please arrive little before the viewing takes place. Wait in front of the building/entrance for the exhibitor. More information by clicking the address-link of the apartment.

More rental objects:



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employee housing

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Rent: - €/month

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